Trading Platforms

  1. What trading terminals do you offer?

    We offer the most popular trading terminal MetaTrader 4, as well as its improved version, MetaTrader 5.

    In addition, the following trading terminals are available:

    • MetaTrader Mobile (mobile MT4 and MT5 application)
    • MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal (for simultaneous management of multiple accounts located on the same server)

    More information can be found in the "Platform" on the company's website There you can download the appropriate mobile app.

  2. What operating systems do you support?

    You will need the OS Windows (starting from Windows Vista) to install the terminal on a PC. For mobile devices, the following operating systems are supported: Windows, iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch) and Android. Also, the MT4 application for Blackberry devices is available.

  3. What are the IP addresses of real and demo servers?

    Each trading account is registered at a particular trading server. The name of the trading server can be found in the email received at the account registration. In some cases, such as when logging into the trading terminal, you may need to manually enter the IP address of the server. IP addresses of all servers for the MT4 accounts are presented in the table:

    Trading server Access Point Name IP address of the AP
    NordGroupInv-Real1 NordFX Server NL 01
    NordFX Server NL 02
    NordFX Server NL 03
    NordFX Server CH 01
    NordFX Server CH 02
    NordGroupInv-Real2 NordFX Server NL 01
    NordFX Server NL 02
    NordFX Server CH 01
    NordGroupInv-Real3 NordFX Server NL 01
    NordFX Server NL 02
    NordFX Server CH 01
    NordGroupInv-Real4 NordFX Server NL 01
    NordFX Server NL 02
    NordFX Server CH 01
    NordFX Server CH 02
    NordGroupInv-Real5 NordFX Server NL 01
    NordFX Server NL 02
    NordFX Server CH 01
    NordFX Server CH 02
    NordGroupInv-Demo Demo 1
    Demo 2
    Demo 3
  4. What time is shown in the terminal?

    The NordFX trading terminals use Central European Time (CET). The daylight saving time is GMT + 2, winter time is GMT + 1.

  5. How do I log in to the terminal?

    To login to a real account in the trading terminal, open the "File" menu and select "Login". In the "Login" window that appears, enter your trading account number in the "Login" field, enter the trader password in the "Password" field, and select the appropriate server NordGroupInv-Real in the "Server" field. All the account data can be checked in the registration letter.

    For authorization on a demo account, select "Login" in the "File" menu. In the window that opens, enter your login and trader password received upon registration of the demo account in the terminal. In the "Server" field, select NordGroupInv-Demo.

  6. The Terminal says "Invalid Login". What should I do?

    This message appears if:

    • when logging into your account in the terminal, you make a mistake while entering the account number and / or password of the trader or when choosing a trading server. Check that the data entered is correct in this case.
    • the real account has been moved to the archive, as it has been inactive for a long time (over 90 days).

    The real account can be activated - when you log in to the Trader's Cabinet, a window will appear with a message which says that the account has been archived, and with a button for applying to activate it. Demo accounts are not activated; you can open a new demo account.

  7. The terminal says "No connection". What should I do?

    If there is a message "No connection" in the lower-right corner of the status bar, you must do the following:

    • make sure that the operation of the terminal is not blocked by antivirus or similar software that carries out traffic accounting.
    • when logging into your account in the terminal you can manually enter the IP address for your server in the "Server" field. If this does not work, see the next step;
    • close the terminal and run it again. If this does not work, see the next step;
    • check your Internet connection. Your internet provider may have some problems. If the connection is all right, see the next step;
    • left click the connection icon in the bottom right corner of the terminal and in the menu that appears, select "Rescan the servers". If this does not work, see the next step;
    • contact the Customer Support at: or in the live chat and ask whether there are any problems with the main server at the moment, or it is only you that have the problem;
    • it is possible that you have not logged into the trading terminal for a long time, and since then the server addresses have changed. Reinstall the trading terminal, or specify the server address manually according to the table of servers on the website;
    • if the server is OK, and the previous steps do not help, uninstall the trading terminal completely and reinstall it.
  8. How to open a transaction to buy / sell foreign currency?

    There are several ways. You can place an order for purchase / sale by clicking the button "New Order" at the top of the toolbar. Alternatively, you can select a financial instrument for which you would like to make a transaction, right-click and from the menu that appears select "New Order." Or, press F9.

  9. Why is the button "New Order" inactive?

    The terminal provides two types of access to the account: the main one with the trader password and the one with the investor password. The access using the trader password gives you full rights for working with the terminal and trading. When logging in with the investor password, you can view the account status, analyse prices, and work with expert advisors, but you cannot trade. Most probably, you were using the investor password when accessing the account. You need to log in to the account again, using the trader password in order to carry out trading operations.

  10. How to place a pending order?

    It is necessary to click the "New Order" button, select "Pending Order" in the "Type" and click "Install Order". You can place an order both to buy and to sell, as well as set the time when the pending order will be deleted if it does not work.

  11. How to close an open order?

    Log in to the account in the trading terminal, in the window "Terminal" open the tab "Trade" and double-click on the desired order in the list of open positions. You will see the order management window, but this time, in addition to the buttons " Sell " and " Buy ", it has a yellow button "Close #XXXXXXX ...» (where XXXXXXX is the position number). Click this button to close the position.

    In order to delete a pending order you need to click on the order in the list, right-click and choose "Modify or Delete Order". Press the "Delete" button in the window that appears.

  12. The charts are not displayed, the message in the window is "Waiting for update". What should I do?

    The following options are available:

    • You have not logged in to the account in the trading terminal. To access the account, use the menu "File" - "Login".
    • Close the charts. In the window "Market Watch", right-click on the desired currency pair and in the menu that appears, select "Chart window".
  13. Why do I get only 4 financial instruments in the list of currencies, although there are much more? How can I see the list of all financial instruments?

    For starter, check whether you can see the window "Market Watch". If not, do the following: in the "View" menu, select "Market Watch" or press the key combination Ctrl + M.

    Further, right-clicking in the window "Market Watch", select "Show all symbols" in the menu that appears. Then you will have all financial instruments available for trading in the "Market Watch".

    If you want to add a specific financial instrument, right-click and select "Symbols" from the context menu. In the list that appears, select the desired symbol and click "Show" on the right.

  14. It is impossible to remove a financial instrument.

    First of all, make sure the chart for this instrument is open. If it is open, it must be closed by right-clicking and selecting "Close" from the context menu. You can then delete the financial instrument from the "Data overview" window. To do this, select the instrument that you want to remove from the list, right-click on it and select "Delete" from the menu that appears. You can also go to the "Symbols", find the financial instrument to be deleted and press the button "Hide" on the right. Any symbol can be deleted by pressing the Del key. To completely remove the quotes from the list of financial instruments used, you must restart the trading terminal.

  15. How to set the Trailing Stop?

    It is necessary to place an order to buy (sell) the currency, right-click on the order in the tab "Trade" in the terminal, in the list that appears, select " Trailing Stop " and set its desired level. Please note that the Trailing Stop works only in the real time mode, when the trading terminal is connected to the server.

  16. Why cannot I see the transaction that took place earlier in the account history?

    Sign in to the MT4 account, then in the "Terminal" window, open the "Account History " tab, right-click and select "All history" from the popup menu or another desired period.

  17. Why does the MetaTrader 4 show "Trade is not allowed" when I try to create or change an order?

    Most likely the trading session for this instrument is already closed or has not yet started. The schedule of trading sessions is as follows: 24 hours a day, starting at 00:00 Monday and ending 22:00 on Friday (the trading server time).

  18. What does the message "Trading flow is busy" mean?

    All trade requests - to open, close and change positions - are put in a general queue in the terminal, which is called "Trading Flow". This error means that a new request was sent before the confirmation of the execution of the previous one was received. This may be due both to the low quality of connection (connection gap to the trading server), and to using trading advisers (experts) and other scripts that can simultaneously send multiple trade requests. It is not recommended to trade manually in the terminal, if a trading adviser is active at the same time - it could affect the execution of orders and, accordingly, the performance of the expert.

    To clean the trading flow, it is sufficient to restart the trading terminal.

  19. How do I know what swap is accrued per a financial instrument?

    Swap is a fee for transferring your position to the next day. The swap is expressed in points, and can be both positive and negative. In order to know the size of the swap per a financial instrument in the trading terminal, right-click in the window "Market Watch" and select "Symbols" in the pop-up menu. Find the required financial instrument in the list, select it and click the button "Properties" on the right. The instrument data, including swaps, will be shown in the popup window.

    The information about the size of the swap is also available on the description page of the corresponding trading account on the company website.

  20. How can I add a chart of a new financial instrument?

    In the "Market Watch", right-click on the desired trading instrument and in the menu that appears, select "Chart window".

  21. How can I add an indicator in the chart window?

    To do this, go to the "Navigator" window and open the "Indicators" list. Then select the desired display by right-clicking on it, and press the option "Attach to the chart", or double click the indicator. It is also possible to select "Indicators" in the menu "Insert" and add the desired indicator.

  22. How to add or remove the time frames?

    Move the cursor over the button with the current time frames, right-click and select "Customize the Toolbar." In the window that appears, edit the list of time frames using the "Delete" and "Add" buttons and arrange them in any order by using the "Up" or "Down" buttons.

  23. How to change the display of a chart?

    A chart of a financial instrument can be displayed as a line, bars or candlesticks. In order to select a type of chart display, you need to select the appropriate option in the menu "Charts", or use the buttons on the toolbar. You can also use key combinations: to display in bars use Alt + 1, candlesticks - Alt + 2, lines - Alt + 3.

  24. How to export (import) quotations?

    In the "Tools" menu, select "History" menu, or press F2. In the resulting window, select the instrument and the desired interval. Then click "Export" and select the file type, in which the export will be carried out.

  25. How do I edit the indicators list?

    In order to remove any indicator or change its input parameters, you must choose "Indicators List" in the menu "Charts" and in the window that appears, make the necessary actions. It is also possible on the graph screen by right-clicking in the field, where the indicator, do the same steps by removing the light or changing its input parameters.

  26. How to install an Expert Advisor?

    After downloading the desired trading advisor, you need to copy the files to the directory "Experts" in the trading terminal folder (default path - C: \ Program Files \ MetaTrader NordFX \). After that, you must restart the trading terminal to display the adviser in the "Expert Advisors" tab in the "Navigator" window.

    The directory of storing advisors and scripts has been changed in the latest versions. If you work as an unprivileged user or the UAC protection is enabled in the operating system, the adviser should be copied to a directory in the user files. To quickly open the correct folder, click "Open Data Folder" in the terminal "File" menu. Find the MQL4 folder in the popup window, and there find the "Experts". Copy the advisor's files to the Experts folder and restart the trading terminal.

    To connect a trading advisor, you should:

    1. Open the chart of the desired pair and select a time frame.
    2. In the "Navigator" window, open the folder "Scripts", find the right advisor in the list and drag it to the chart or double-click on the script of the trading advisor.
    3. Adjust the settings in the popup window.
    4. Ensure that the advisors are on ("Advisors" button on the toolbar).

    It is also possible to select "Options" in the menu "Tools". Further, in the tab "Expert Advisors" you should tick the "Allow automated trading".

  27. I cannot open a position. The terminal says "Not enough money». How can I calculate the amount needed to open a position?

    At the opening of the transaction you should take into account the amount of collateral (margin), which is blocked in the account to maintain an open transaction. After closing, the amount of the margin is released and becomes available for further trade. The margin amount depends on the leverage, the position volume and the currency pair for which it is opened.

    The formula for calculating the margin: Number of lots * 100 000 / Leverage
    100,000 is the amount of currency equivalent to 1 lot
    If the base (first) currency in a currency pair is different from the currency of the deposit, the amount should be converted into the deposit currency at the current exchange rate.

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